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Your Friend to Help You and Your Loved Ones through the Diagnosis

Who should read this book?

Anyone who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, or any other diagnosis. This book is also for anyone who is supporting a friend or family member through treatment. It will give you straight forward tools and things you can do to help through this incredibly hard time. It will give you comfort and hope.

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I knew deep down that no matter how incredible my surgeons and doctors were, and they were all amazing, if I didn’t get myself right inside that they wouldn’t be able to fully do their jobs. So I set forth on a journey that was a hybrid, combining the two to find a space that felt right for me. During this process, I met a woman who was going through a similar diagnosis just a few weeks behind me. I would share what I had learned with her along the way, and it helped us both get through our diagnosis and heal. I am so fortunate that she has now become a dear friend. One of my silver linings of sure.

I started to write this bookwhen I was six weeks post-surgery. It had started as something different, what I thought people would want to read, a little guarded. Then, a few weeks into writing, my daughter Melina came to me and said, “Mom, I hope your book is honest, because I hear you crying every night in your bathroom.” She was right. If I was going to really help people, I needed to be honest. That day I put aside everything holding me back, and I opened my heart and wrote. Thank you for reading.

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