"I feel empowered and validated after my conversations with Jo. She always knows the right thing to say and challenges you to make small changes that will better impact your daily life. I enjoy opening up and gaining her perspective on my personal and professional thoughts/issues." 

 Meet Jo 

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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019, everything changed for me. I knew my purpose was clear: to help and connect people. 


My life on the outside looked perfect, but nothing could be further from the truth. I had spent most of my energy making everything appear a certain way, when the reality was my marriage was not working, and I was deeply unhappy and had been for over a decade. The cancer diagnosis was the great truth teller, and there was nowhere left for me to hide. I knew that if I wanted to fully heal that I would have to make major changes and put myself first.

I stopped lying to myself and to everyone around me, and that started to transform my life. I was able to heal from cancer, and learn how to handle incredibly hard things in a better way. I can help you do the same.

Do you want a better life?


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 The Mindset Mentor Method

Throughout this journey, I developed the “Mindset Mentor Method” (really by accident) in order to help myself get through all these incredibly difficult life situations. I started to share it and teach it to friends and people I mentor, and it has helped them so much, just like it continues to help me.   

  • Three easy to learn steps

  • Can be applied to any life challenge

  • It will make your life better


Like most of you, I wear many hats. I am a mother, author, inspirational speaker, host of “About Life with Jo”, former corporate sales executive, entrepreneur, Greek girl, and brunch expert. I have owned, operated, and successfully exited a high-volume restaurant and founded a technology start-up. However my favorite way to spend my time is to mentor others. I share my diverse life experiences and advice to help you  have a better life. 


I feel a deep connection to people throughout my life and value my relationships more than anything else.

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People are talking...

New York

"Joanna Chanis is a charismatic leader who not only listens with her heart but genuinely cares about each person she comes in contact with. Through meeting her, I have learned about healthy daily practices that can and will help me live a more fulfilled life. These are the types of lessons that as a young professional woman,I really wanted to be learning but didn't know where to find them"


"Joanna has helped me take tangible steps to where I want to be. Creating a plan to fuse my passion with profit was exactly what I was striving for and Joanna helped me achieve this! The "Jo method" has been a blessing and has helped me feel like I am in control of my life again. Joanna is the best. Seriously."

New York

"I LOVE having our talks because Jo always provide real-world tips & tricks for us that help navigate the rollercoaster of life. She has a natural tact at listening, understanding, and connecting on any and all topics, and I am so grateful for her  advice, anecdotes, and wisdom"


"I think being the youngest person and only student on our chats, I learned that it is never too early to start planning for my financial future and love listening to the older girls experiences and advice from Jo.  It has helped me so much !"

New York

"Life is NYC as a 20-something is fun and exciting, but can also be very stressful. Some of your friends are engaged/having kids, while others are struggling to pay their rent. It is often hard to find your place within this range. Joanna's monthly calls have helped me zoom out on the macro picture of life and realize that not every moment is life altering."


"My discussions with Joanna transformed the way I viewed my professional and personal choices. I was debilitated by making the decision to leave my job, a job where I was unhappy, due to the uncertainty that comes with change. What if I made the wrong choice and regretted it? Jo taught me that our lives are a series of trial and errors"

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