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You should listen if you want a life that is satisfying and authentic, a clear framework to use when facing challenges, and an inner knowing that you’ve hear of but don’t know how to achieve

Joanna Chanis

About Life With Jo

 "About life with Jo" is a series of real-life conversations, with real people talking about real-life challenges. It’s a place where you can ask anything about anything. Career, relationships, family, friends, finances, lifestyle, social challenges, health, food, etc., nothing is off limits. It’s a friendly, approachable, and very relatable space where you can get solid, practical advice based on real-life experience. ​


Jo’s mission is to help you navigate challenges with healthy resilience, so that you will have a better life. She will leave you better than she found you. 


In this honest and raw introductory episode, Jo gets intimate with you and shares private details about her life’s journey.

Say it like it is girl with Claudia

In this episode Jo and Claudia break down how to put yourself first.


Life School
with Sophie

In this episode Sophie who is a 20-year-old entrepreneur ask Jo all about her personal relationships.


Finding your why
with Alana

In this episode Jo and Alana discuss the importance of daydreaming and envisioning your future.


Getting clear on what you want with Shelby

In this episode Jo and Shelby talk about staying true to yourself.


Turning Lemons Into Lemonade with Tonya

In this heartfelt and extremely personal story Tonya aka takes us through her incredibly inspirational journey.

How to Start a Business from Scratch with Jackie

In this episode Jackie shares how she started the blog that launched her career as a content creator.


How to stop comparing yourself to others

In this episode Jo explains how to shift from comparison to being the most excellent version of yourself.


Dare to daydream with Cristina

In this episode Cristina talks about the Jo method and how she applies it to her work and personal life.


There will never be another you with Emily

In this episode Jo and Emily talk about taking risk and following your gut.


It’s all Greek to
me with Lily

In this episode Jo and Lily dive deep into their Greek roots.


Loving Yourself
with Katelyn

In this episode Jo and Katelyn discuss confidence, relationships and likability.


Sara Silk's
Soulful Journey

In this episode Sara and Jo talk about her incredible journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

It's Good To Be Sensitive with Alissa

In this episode Alissa Boyer shares how she was able to create a thriving business and help other Highly Sensitive people.

How to handle Disappointment with Jo

In this episode Jo will give you the tools you need to get through a disappointment.


How to handle

In this episode Jo shares her tips and tools on how to handle transitions.


It’s not all roses and rosé all the time with Ani

In this episode Jo and Ani talk about how to overcome perfectionism and focus on being excellent instead.

Start Where You Are with Sarah

In this episode Jo and Sarah discuss how to be happy and fulfilled and the benefits of meditation.


The three “F’s” with Ana … Faith, Finances and Food

In this episode Jo and Ana dive deep into the emotional connection we all have with money and how that affects us.

Finding your passion with Margot

In this episode Jo and Margot talk about finding your passion and how to incorporate it into your life through philanthropy.

Family is Everything With Anastasia

In this episode Anastasia discuss her journey from being a Hollywood actress to launching the most EPIC olive oil brand on the market.

Manifest Your Dream Career Now with Sinead

In this episode Sinead and Jo cover everything from having babies to what’s real on social media and much more.

How to Transition Back to the Office Post-Pandemic

In this episode Jo talks you through the top 4 challenges of returning to the office post pandemic.