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Last week I did something SUPER fun that combined all of my favorite things - friendship, philanthropy, food, fashion, and business. I went to New York for a quick 24 hours and had an absolute blast.

Although I have been going to NY my entire life, this last trip felt fresh and new and exactly what I needed to wrap up Q1. So, what started as a business trip ended up being so much more in every way. There is something about the air in the city that makes everything just that much better.

If you follow me, you know that I am in love with Douglas. He is the man of my dreams and the perfect travel companion as he is always ready to go and fits perfectly under the seat of any airplane.

On this trip, we decided to drive so that we could be on our own schedule. It was super easy and we made it in under 4 hours – and although I bet you all think I speed; my daughters can confirm I am the world's slowest driver.

It was a bright, crisp, and sunny spring day. The perfect weather for my signature blazer and jeans. Douglas traded in his usual camo collar for a navy and white bowtie. He looked extra handsome.

As we pulled up to our hotel, I could already tell this was going to be epic. We stayed at the Mark and it was simply fabulous from start to finish. Iconic New York - stylish, elegant, and over the top. Just how I like it.

We checked into our room and were immediately notified that there would be multiple people willing to walk with Douglas at any time. Everyone at the Mark instantly fell in love with him. Can you blame them?

The room was beautiful with signature black and white floors in the bathroom and the most luxurious bedding. Every detail from the black and white cookies to the perfectly shaped green apples made everything look too good to eat but that didn’t stop me. I inhaled the cookies and if you have never had them, they alone could be a reason to stay there.

I unpacked and pulled out my beautiful royal blue Veronica Beard dress that I had brought to wear to a fundraiser I was hosting at their Madison Ave store to benefit Philoptochos, a Greek women’s charity that I am a board member of. I love a theme and this dress is the same color blue as the Greek flag! I was excited to wear it and pair it with my new, bright silver Louboutin pumps!

I had made an appointment to have my hair cut at Frederic Fekkai, which happens to be on the second floor of the Mark. It was one of the best haircuts I have ever had and decided that this is where I need to have my haircut from now on.

I love having my hair done but I rarely have my makeup done. I enjoy doing it and rarely have it professionally done. After my haircut, I went back up to my room. It was time to get dressed and head over to Veronica Beard.

The event was amazing, very successful, and FUN. My blue dress, Douglas, and I enjoyed two hours of catching up with old childhood friends and new friends.

After shopping for a cause, a few of us headed to dinner where we shared the most decadent truffle pizza and my favorite vegetable - french fries. It was delicious. It was so delicious that I went back the next day for lunch and ate an entire truffle pizza by myself. Something I am very proud to admit.

The food was amazing but it was who was at the dinner that made it special. It was women from all phases of my life - my childhood, early motherhood, and my present life. It was a beautiful night filled with laughs and advice!

Later that night I took my blue dress to the bar at the Mark for a nightcap. It was better than anything I could watch on Netflix in the best way possible. I met such fun and interesting people and in my signature way as soon as it got close to 11, I disappeared back up to my room, washed my face, and tucked in for a restful sleep.

I usually wake up around 5 naturally but because I was very cozy, I slept until 7:30 when my warm water with lemon arrived and a hot pot of black coffee. I opened the door sleepily and took in the gorgeous tray. I am a room service junkie and although I never eat breakfast, this could convert me.

I did my morning gratitude routine then headed down to the gym for a workout. After all, I was there for a meeting and that was just a couple of hours away. Before any big meeting, I always get myself into the most relaxed state possible. I had already prepared and now I just need to be ready to listen.

The meeting went exactly as it was meant to and I felt great. I had cleared my schedule for the rest of the afternoon so Douglas and I could do some shopping and that is exactly what we did. We walked the 20 blocks to Bergdorf’s through Central Park. He loved every second and so did I.

After selecting the perfect color Bottega cassette, we walked back to the Mark where we thanked the incredible staff for making us feel so at home in one of our favorite cities.

On our drive home, I caught up on my personal phone calls and got to chat with my mom and my friends and family. By 9 PM Douglas and I were already snuggled up in our bed and about to drift off to sleep.

The next day I felt so refreshed and recharged. Who knew that truffle pizza, fries, and a blue dress could make such an impact. 😉

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