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Last week I traveled from Boston to Mykonos to celebrate Easter with my godson and his family. This is the first time in my life that I have been able to come to Greece to celebrate Holy Week and all of the traditions that go along with it.

One of the silver linings of being a new empty nester and the fact that I can work from anywhere in the world has been pretty amazing and I think this is just the beginning.

I absolutely love to travel and everything that comes with it. From the ritual of packing and planning all my outfits to the incredible food I will have, and of course the best part - the people I get to spend time with and make new memories with.

I have traveled to Greece my entire life. The Mainland, Athens, and most islands, but the island that has always captured my heart and soul is Mykonos.

I am not from here and neither is anyone in my family but Mykonos has embraced me and my daughters and taken us in as their own. I raised my girls by coming here each summer and hosted our dearest friends and their families throughout the years.

I have experienced it as a poor 18-year-old college student to the present day and have loved every single minute. So when I left Boston this past Monday morning and headed to Mykonos you can only imagine how happy and excited and overwhelmed with gratitude I felt.

This magical island has the most incredible energy and it is one of my favorite spots on the planet and experiencing it before the tourist season and just with the locals is a whole other level.

On Monday I flew from Boston to Athens with a quick stop in JFK and had a few hours before my flight to Mykonos. For those of you who have been following me for a while - I am happy to report that all my luggage arrived and there were no issues 😉

I had a few hours at the Athens airport which I am declaring the most efficient and easiest airport in Europe with the best lounge food in the world. Period. I don’t typically eat breakfast but as soon as I saw the spread I was immediately starving. Like I hadn’t already taken down every single course offered on my flight... oh well.

There were so many delicious vegan options and as you know I am a fake vegan so this was like winning the lottery. My favorite was the mushroom pita. I had 4 pieces and stopped only because I knew as soon as I got to Mykonos I was headed straight to brunch. Beyond the food, the coffee (Greek double no sugar) and the Greek hospitality are just simply incredible.

Soon I boarded my 25-minute flight to Mykonos. I meditated during the entire flight so I could arrive fresh and ready to roll. This is my key to avoiding jet lag. I go straight to brunch/lunch and it works every single time!

I was greeted by my sweet and handsome godson with a dozen Ecuadorian roses that were wrapped especially for me. Yes, I am the luckiest girl in the world.

First stop on the Island... Liberty. The absolute best brunch. I devoured a green juice and a vegan bagel dish that was so delicious I could have eaten two more but I stopped myself by remembering that every single meal on the island is incredible. From your morning coffee to a late-night sushi roll (yes sushi and the best I have ever had!) everything you eat in Mykonos is excellent.

I then headed off to the beautiful property where I am staying. It has a spectacular view of the sunrise and overlooks the ocean. It is breathtaking.

I always immediately unpack and get settled. I am a super organized packer so this is quick and easy. I find that by taking time to organize myself while I am home it takes me less time to get settled on the other end. Totally worth it in my opinion.

Since it is Greek tradition to give your godchildren gifts at Easter, I brought a huge duffle bag of presents for my godson and his little brothers. Nothing makes me happier than giving gifts, especially Pokémon themed gifts to its biggest fan! The joy on their faces was everything and such a great way to kick off this two-week visit.

Although I am not seeing clients this week, I am still running my business. Primarily creating content, writing, and planning. I have arranged to have a photo shoot on the island next week after Easter and I can’t wait to share that experience with you!

I find it easy to work from this time zone and who knows... maybe one day I will be working more and more from this part of the world.

The first 4 days have been packed with all of my favorite things - friends, family, food, fashion, philanthropy, and business.

I have eaten fish that my kumbaro has caught himself (video) my body weight in “HORTA” IYKYK… Greek French fries and homemade country bread.

I have bought the most fabulous Greek coat at one of my favorite boutiques in town and of course a new pair of sunglasses at the most beautiful sunglass shop that I have been shopping at for the past decade. It is not lost on me that they are rose gold. Rose-colored glasses are a good thing!

My passion for Philanthropy has presented an incredible opportunity to launch a project here in 2025 that is beyond my wildest dreams… stay tuned!

The ability to still connect to my work and be able to create content, support clients and work on something MAJOR I am releasing in Q3 is not wasted on me. I am grateful to be able to have this clear mental space to see things from different lenses.

Thank you for coming along with me! 🤍

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