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Summer is my favorite season. I LOVE the beach and all that comes with it and I am fortunate to live in a fabulous beach community that takes summer fun to a whole other level.

The summer here is packed with long lunches, beach days, boating, and epic dinners that start at sunset and go on past midnight. I am surrounded by some of my very favorite things and people.

I know you are probably thinking how I do all those amazing things and still run a successful company. Well, I will share the secret with you.

I don’t do those things. In fact, I take the opportunity to get extra focused and double down in the summer.

The reality is that I have built a life and business that I never feel I want a break from. I enjoy what I do so much that it has become an extension of me. The summer can be a great business pitfall as it is critical for a strong finish to the year and Q4 sales.

Here are THREE things to double down on this summer that will help you grow revenue. Don’t worry, you will still have fun on your scheduled days off but remember good weather on a Wednesday is not a reason to blow off your work.

Here are THREE things to keep you focused and on track this summer:

Set a Revenue Goal for June, July and August.

1. Networking

Take advantage of all that summer has to offer and combine business and pleasure. Take clients and potential clients out. Join a new networking group or host your existing group in an outdoor activity.

2. Social Media

Instead of watching what celebrities are wearing and where they are vacationing, follow your mentors on social media and start learning. Follow accounts that are teaching you things instead of entertaining you.

3. Gift Goal

Pick something you will buy, do or experience once you hit your Revenue Goal. Know exactly what it costs, where and how you can buy it and purchase it in the first week of September.

Focusing on these three things will keep you on track and help you grow your business.

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