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Meet Joanna

Speaker, Coach, Author & Podcast Host

When Jo was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019, everything changed. She knew her purpose was clear: to help and connect people. ​


Her life on the outside looked perfect, but nothing could be further from the truth. Joanna had spent most of her energy making everything appear a certain way, when the reality was her marriage was not working, and she was deeply unhappy and had been for over a decade. The cancer diagnosis was the great truth-teller, and there was nowhere left for her to hide. She knew that if she wanted to fully heal that she would have to make major changes and put herself first.​

Jo stopped lying to herself and to everyone around her, and that started to transform her life. She was able to heal from cancer, and learn how to handle incredibly hard things in a better way. Now her life mission is to help you do the same.


The Mindset Mentor Method

Throughout this journey, I developed the “Mindset Mentor Method” (really by accident) in order to help myself get through all these incredibly difficult life situations. I started to share it and teach it to friends and people I mentor, and it has helped them so much, just like it continues to help me.   

  • Three easy to learn steps

  • Can be applied to any life challenge

  • It will make your life better


Like most of you, I wear many hats. I am a mother, author, inspirational speaker, host of “About Life with Jo”, former corporate sales executive, entrepreneur, Greek girl, and brunch expert. I have owned, operated, and successfully exited a high-volume restaurant and founded a technology start-up. However, my favorite way to spend my time is to mentor others. I share my diverse life experiences and advice to help you have a better life. 


I feel a deep connection to people throughout my life and value my relationships more than anything else.

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